Herzog Transit Services, Inc.


Herzog considers employees its most valuable asset.
Our commitment to employees and customers is
integral and paramount to efficiency, quality and cost.

The most important component of our approach to operations and maintenance is our programmatic emphasis on employee health, the safety of all persons associated with the services and the environment that we are entrusted to protect. We are hard-nosed about all of these elements because, at the end of the day, everyone’s livelihood is directly tied to performance in these key areas. Health and safety are embedded in all of our plans and procedures and come to life in our approach to all activities. Our safety effort is continuously evaluated through sophisticated and comprehensive programs and tools, including the HTSI Corporate Oversight Program and HTSI Zero Injury Philosophy Survey (ZIP). HTSI’s full-time safety managers rigorously monitor all projects to implement proactive safety procedures, assuring the safety of our employees, customers, stakeholders and the general public.