Herzog Transit Services, Inc.


TREHerzog was founded in 1969 on the guiding principles of safety and quality. We continue to incorporate these principles and make them a core component of our work and business ethics. We recognize that through safety and quality, we can deliver a product of greater value to the customer. This recognition has led us to become a premier transit operator across the United States.

HTSI was formed in 1993 as part of the Herzog family of companies dating to 1969, and is actively engaged in contract operations for commuter rail, DMU/hybrid light rail, light rail, intercity and streetcar systems. HTSI is the largest private passenger rail operations and maintenance provider in the United States. We have played a major role in numerous highly successful rail system new starts and performed operations and maintenance activities for several established passenger rail operations across North America. Today, HTSI annually moves over 32 million passengers, operates 164,000 trains and dispatches over 180,000 trains. HTSI’s main corporate office is located in St. Joseph, MO.

HTSI is a trusted name, synonymous with industry leading services and solutions. Our breadth of experience and infrastructure exposure has given us the skills and knowledge to offer customers and project owners what they want. Thanks to this experience and a highly qualified team of leading industry professionals, we specialize in solving complex problems in challenging operating environments.

We set industry standards through a diverse range of projects because we provide more than just a service – we provide innovative solutions that continually redefine what mobility means for passengers and clients.

We deliver added value to our clients not just through our superior technical know-how, but also through the breadth and nimbleness of our organization, the can-do spirit, safety and customer-first attitude of our people.