Software Development

Better solutions. Safer processes. Smarter service.


Herzog combines software development expertise with rail industry experience.  This knowledge enables us to create smarter software for the rail industry.


We are constantly looking for better, safer, and smarter solutions. Much of our work within the rail industry has involved improving inefficient manual processes, increasing our customers’ operational efficiency. Our software expertise made it a natural decision to automate repetitive, error-prone manual processes.


Positive Train Control (PTC) is a complex system made up of complex subsystems. Installing and maintaining PTC is difficult and involves many tedious manual processes. We work to automate these processes, creating smarter solutions and making PTC easier for you.


Herzog creates software designed specifically for the rail industry. We produce the highest-quality solutions, and product delivery does not signify the end of our relationships with customers. The service we provide before and after a project’s completion remains unmatched in the industry.


We have developed processes and solutions to make our work better, safer, and smarter. We firmly believe these ever-improving processes and solutions will help your railroad. Combining your in-house knowledge with our industry expertise ensures a collaborative approach to improving your railroad.

Positive Train Control 

We have built systems to improve the most difficult areas of PTC, including interoperability and ITCSM management. We have mastered data processing and management along with PTC system management and ITCM messaging. These solutions allow you to remove manual processes and focus on running your railroad. Herzog is in this for the long haul, as a PTC host, as a solutions provider, and as a partner.

Software development
Software development

Video Track Chart 

Video Track Chart™ (VTC) presents you with access to up-to-date imagery, track charts, and geographic maps for your track, securely, from anywhere with web access. Whether you need to see the most current track chart, get an on-track view of a location, or watch a tour along a user-selectable route through a subdivision, VTC™ makes it easy. VTC is a powerful collaboration tool that can be used for velocity issue improvement, territory familiarization, safety asset investigation, and quick communication about your track, all from the safety of your desk.