About Us

We Are Problem Solvers.

Employee at Server

While our services speak for themselves, it’s our people who give us the Herzog edge. Our team consists of industry experts, proven leaders, and visionaries who bring decades of experience to the table. We never stop looking for better, safer, and smarter ways to solve your problems. The Herzog Technologies team has embraced the following principles that shape the way we do business:


The HTI team consists of people who are innovators at heart, continuously exploring new ways to improve our products, services, and, ultimately, the industry. By always challenging ourselves - and each other - to push for more, we keep HTI at the forefront of the rail industry.


Safety is our number one priority. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we go to great lengths to keep them safe as they work to improve the safety of the rail industry. Our solutions are held to the highest standards to ensure our customers remain safe.


Keeping true to the Herzog name, we do not rest until our products and services meet Herzog quality standards. Our dedication to our customers and enthusiasm for our work are unmatched in the industry. A railroad that chooses HTI can fully trust in our ability to deliver quality work.


Read HTI's EMS Policy, signed by our CEO, here.

HTI strives to provide a safe and healthful workplace while contributing to the protection of the environment in an effort to conserve energy and our nation's natural resources.