Ultrasonic Rail Testing

Ultrasonic Testing CarriageHerzog Services, Inc.’s (HSI) Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection services are comprehensive, thorough and seamless.

Standard ultrasonic, crossover testing, inventory rail certification and non-stop/post verification modes are available. Each application incorporates GPS mapping, pattern recognition and operator responses into the data stream. This data is transmitted to the central collection unit and automatically audited for data integrity.

Screen view of the tested rail as it appears in the rail flaw detection truck
Screen view of the tested rail as it appears
in the rail flaw detection truck

Equipped with the latest patent pending technology, all of HSI test vehicles excel at detecting rail defects including transverse defects developing beneath shell. An enhanced 24 channel B-Scan test system, which incorporates pattern recognition, displays real-time test information to the operator for a comprehensive analysis of the inspection data. Complete ultrasonic test data coupled with sub-meter precision GPS enables HSI to have a highly accurate and detailed record of the track inspection. Once the data is received by the home office, an automated auditing system checks the file for data integrity. Trained auditors also perform random checks for inconsistencies throughout the test data as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

An extensive training program hosted by in-house ASNT Level III instructors is offered to each employee. Coupled with a team of dedicated field managers, field supervisors and “feed-back auditing”, each operator continues to receive training well beyond the classroom. Continuous attention to product quality, customer service, safety and vehicle availability has assured customer satisfaction continuously for over twenty years.