Global Information System

Utilizing the spatial data generated by the GPS system in Herzog Services, Inc. (HSI) ultrasonic rail inspection vehicles, GPS maps of critical rail assets can be generated. As HSI vehicles traverse over tracks, they collect coordinate locations of core track structures such as sidings, bridges and turnouts. With the very first pass of a HSI vehicle, they can provide locations of rail structures. With each subsequent pass along a rail corridor, accuracy of the asset location can be improved and averaged to provide a comprehensive rail asset map.

Keeping tabs on rail assets can be tedious. Rail lines stretch for endless miles across mountains, deserts, and plains. HSI can make this process easy and cost effective. As HSI test trucks ultrasonically inspect tracks, HSI can simultaneously inventory rail line assets. What once was a two-step process is now combined into one step. This saves time and money, providing an accurate count and location of structures, sidings, and turnouts.

HSI is continuously redefining what it means to monitor and maintain rail lines. HSI brings future technology to the present making the once impossible, very possible for clients. The prospects for the Global Information System (GIS) are great and transformative. HSI is here to deliver on those transformative services by developing ever more capabilities for the GIS program.