P.L.U.S. and SMART Train

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Herzog’s Programmable Linear Unloading System (P.L.U.S.) and SMART train cars use a system designed to safely and efficiently distribute ballast. GPS coordinates are used to define ballast spread, no-spread areas and indicate the desired amount of ballast needed to create the ballast survey file. The train, made up of Herzog Automated Ballast cars, provides the fastest, most precise and efficient means of spreading ballast.

The P.L.U.S. and SMART trains are capable of night and inclement weather spreading assignments, greatly reducing the potential for injury and exposure to ballast dust. The P.L.U.S. and SMART train systems reduce ballast and railroad cost as fewer locomotives, train crews, and ballast cars are needed.


P.L.U.S. Train

  • High speed ballast spreading up to 20 mph
  • Ballasts shoulders of track
  • Operated with one Herzog technician
  • Increases cycle times
  • Reduces required work window
  • Reduces personnel exposure to harm
  • Maintained and operated by Herzog


Same benefits as the P.L.U.S. Train with the added capabilities:

  • Ballast flow sensors
  • Opens ballast doors to center and shoulder of track
  • Remote control capable
  • Dumps 30 cars per mile on new skeletonized concrete tie track


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for a video demonstration.


Ballast can now be spread through areas where GPS outages occur allowing highly accurate ballast unloading for the first time in the industry by implementing the P.L.U.S./SMART Inertial System. The technology, used in conjunction with Herzog P.L.U.S. and SMART ballast cars, places ballast with high precision in mountainous regions and through tunnels where GPS outages are of a high occurrence.

  • Replaces standard GPS antenna with the P.L.U.S./SMART Inertial System
  • Seamless ballast spread through areas of GPS outages
  • Ability to better spread through tunnels and mountainous areas without GPS