ProScan LIDAR Truck

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For Information Contact:
Herzog Railroad Services at (816) 244-5742


Ballast Profiling

  • Truck designed to compliment Herzog G.P.S. ballast train fleet
  • Replaces manual track survey with automated survey
  • Removes human subjectivity from survey process to ensure proper placement of ballast throughout entire dump
  • Ballast requirement needs based on template provided by the railroad based off their individual ballast standards
  • Data is post processed to verify location of fixed assets, tie type, bridge deck type and so on
  • Tonnages are exported to G.P.S. train fleet for automated dumping
  • Reduces track and time needed for pre dump survey
  • Enhances ballast train surveys allowing for accurate placement of ballast


Additional ProScan Lidar Truck Capabilities

Clearance Analysis

  • Any plate size can be validated
  • Points that violate that plate will be flagged
  • Location and identification of object in violation will be reported


P.T.C. Asset Management

  • Facilities are marked from center gauge top of rail
  • Coordinates are exported to format specified by client


Truck Specifications

  • Equipped with GNSS Inertial System
  • Scans up to 128,000 points per second
  • Operates up to 30 MPH
  • Provides 360 degree imaging