Gen II Rail Train

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The GEN II Rail Train is a Herzog designed rail train built on spine cars instead of conventional flats. The spine cars are mounted with racks and the train is equipped with articulated connectors. This concept was designed to improve train handling during transport from the rail plant to the job site. All of the trains are built with end cars on both ends to allow for unloading regardless of which direction the train is heading (when loaded with full length sticks of rail). The train is able to carry up to 50 strings (10×5) of 141lb rail and can also be set up for either a manual tie down or our new Automated Tie Down Car. The end cars have a hydraulic ramp that either a railroad provided winch car or the Herzog RUM will be able to hook into.


  • Vertical racks are set on 30′ spacing
  • 1440′ or 1600′ lengths available
  • Available in up to a 50 Pocket (10×5) configuration
  • Compatible with Railroad provided winch car or Herzog RUM