Automated Conveyor Train (A.C.T.)


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  • Discharge belt has 35 feet of reach from the tip of the belt to the track center, and can discharge material at a 90° angle from the track.
  • Automated plow on the front of the discharge car allows for striking off material that is off-loaded directly in front of the machine in the center of the track.
  • Material discharged up to 50′ from the track center.
  • Capable of unloading in up to a 13° curve with a super-elevation of up to 5 inches.
  • Machine built to Plate C specifications allowing for train movement while unloading on the field side.
  • Capable of offloading multiple material sizes including:
    • “B” stone (5″ minus crusher run)
    • Mainline ballast
    • Walking ballast
    • Sand
  • 97-ton material capacity per car.
  • Ability to control which car is unloaded first, so that multiple material types can be handled in one consist
  • Consist size can vary based on customer needs
  • Able to unload from the cab with no additional manpower on the ground
  • Maintained and operated by Herzog


Automated Conveyor TrainAutomated Conveyor TrainAutomated Conveyor TrainAutomated Conveyor Train